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2020 Convention and AGM                nwt 
          Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, June 12-14, 2020


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As you all know, the COVID-19 pandemic is moving and changing incredibly quickly and is affecting almost everything we do. Unfortunately, the Yellowknife Convention is no exception.

Last week Beverley Cattrall, the CVF President, announced that the Board had decided to cancel the Convention in Yellowknife. And the Volkssport Association of Alberta has cancelled the Yellowknife bus tours. If you missed the announcement you can see it on the front page of this website 

We, the Yellowknife Organizing Committee, are very sad but all agree it is the right and responsible thing to do. The enthusiasm for the Yellowknife Convention has been tremendous and we know that you will be disappointed. Thank you to those who have already written supporting the decision at this very difficult time.

So now we have to begin the melancholy task of closing it down. Hotels, buses, entertainers, meals and more have to be cancelled. We hope that these people and companies will be understanding and keep our financial impact to a minimum. But they are all suffering too, so we all need to be fair and reasonable. Soon, we will start to send out refunds to all of you.

The approximately 100 people who signed up for the full Convention, walks only or socials only will be fully refunded the amount that they paid minus $2.  About 250 people registered by signing up for a bus tour so VAA, when sending their refund of much of the bus tour fee, will hold back an additional $2 and pass this to CVF. This $2 per head will be enough for CVF to cover most of their expenses.

Of course, most of you have also booked plane seats and we cannot help you with that. We hope that airlines and other travel companies will be generous in providing credits or repayment but, again, they are all suffering too.

There is already a groundswell of support for the idea of holding the next CVF Convention, in 2022, in Yellowknife to take advantage of all the hard work that has been done and to satisfy the interest of all who have said how much they were looking forward to getting a taste of Canada’s North. In the meantime if you decide to visit Yellowknife on your own later in the year, the walks are sanctioned and the walk directions and maps are available on this website.

Stay well. Keep walking.

The Yellowknife 2020 Organizing Committee
David Cattrall
Nancy Makepeace
David Hall
Sharon Tchir
Michele Bell
Michelle Demers
Rob Orton



       Contact us at,  write to CVF at Suite 604 - 251 Bank Street, Ottawa ON K2P 1X3, or phone 613-234-7333

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